Bihar should embrace transgender achiever

Bihar should embrace transgender achiever


I went through a column of the newspaper highlighting the transgendered, once a suppressed section, are participating in the society. A ray of hope is seen to some extent for a fraction of country’s population-some transgenders in India are freely expressing their gender identity and exercising basic rights. Society is also moving in favour of non-discrimination and  dignity for them.

It is a matter of pride for Biharis that 24-year old Monika Das of Syndicate bank, Patna is the first transgender banker of the country. Bank officials are also appreciating Monika for this step and assured that they will keep encouraging her. We can now proudly claim that Bihar is not such a socially backward state.

As told by Monika people made her a subject of mockery. She had to keep herself aloof from school students and was ill treated but she always kept her focus on study. Monika Das is a sparkling example of courage and firm determination.

The recognition of transgender as third gender is a matter of human rights as decreed by the Supreme Court. It is our responsibility and duty to accept transgender as one of us and let them access all the political rights and other benefits guaranteed by the constitution. The constitution affirms equality in all spheres but the moot question is whether it is being applied!

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