Christopher Lee: Iconic Villain

Christopher Lee: Iconic Villain

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It was sad to read the news of the death of Christopher Lee, who essayed the iconic role of Count Dracula. With his demise, a glorious chapter in the world of cinema has come to an end.

Lee, a British actor who earned a knighthood, had devoted his long acting career to portraying villains – including Dracula – in classic horror films. He was often described as a titan of the golden age of cinema, and was a distinguished veteran of the Second World War. He was a gentleman who brought to his viewers many memorable roles. It is true that he played villainous characters, but he was also versatile. The famous film director, Tim Burton, who worked with Lee on five films, rightly described him as the “last of his kind – a true legend”.

Lee appeared in more than 200 films during his career, which started the 1940s. Some of his most outstanding performances were seen in films such as Count Dracula, The Wicker Man and The Man with the Golden Gun, among others. For his contribution to cinema, Lee won many awards including the Academy Fellowship, which is the highest honour that can be given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. He was knighted in 2009.

Lee has left behind a rich legacy. His death has created an outpouring of grief from many quarters. He will be greatly missed.

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