NSUI stops trains for over one hour to protest Modi inaction

NSUI stops trains for over one hour to protest Modi inaction

National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) protested against Modi government yesterday by blocking trains between Patna Junction and Rajendra Nagar Terminal, creating inconvenience for passengers. The protests lasted for about an hour and a half , when the students were hauled away by the cops, and then later released.
NSUI publicly was protesting the ‘ fraudulent and self-publicising’ Narendra Modi government according to NSUI state general secretary Prabhat Kumar. Hundreds of NSUI members participated in the protest march, he said in a press release reaching on Monday.
Prabhat stated that it had been proved that BJP is a fraud and self-publicist government and public have also understood their intention.
The NSUI has many complaints against Prime Minister Modi. In spite of the heavy increase in railway fare along with platform ticket charge, Modi government has paralysed the railway department, he says. “Lakhs of passengers are crying for relaxation in the fare but PM Modi does not heed.
The NSUI came down heavily on PM Modi’s ‘dismal record’ in of education. “Out of 22 central universities, chancellors for 19 of them have not been appointed for the past one year and it is a very cheap conspiracy to degrade the education system,” he said.
“The most important tool for democratic India- Right to information (RTI) has been weakened. Amount for MNREGA has been reduced in each state. The anti-farmer land aquisition bill is being forcibly used as though Modi runs a dictatorship,” he said.
The NSUI objected to the NDA government “donating 17,000 acres of land to Bangladesh” instead of taking back the occupied portion of Indian territory from China. Accusing the RSS of playing ‘cheap politics’ he said that it was’ most shameful’ that protests against India alongside hosting of the Pakistan flag in BJP partnered Jammu-Kashmir . But the government does not intend to take any strict action against the culprits, he said.
NSUI demanded proper action taken to avoid polarization between communities. On one hand government is promoting cleanliness campaign while on other they are interrupting the salary of sanitation workers.Vacancies for central recruitments have been closed.
We have also demanded special train for students from the government so that we can avoid harassment in the local trains and can make it to the college on time.
Dharmendra of NSUI said that Modi government is in approach to change the history by defaming our great leaders. Modi government works in the interest of RSS and business tycoons which will only damage the country in the coming future.
NSUI President of Patna College Unit , Vice President Sunny Kumar Pandey, Manish Singh, Jitendra Pandey, Kanhaiya Singh, Ravi, Ranjay, Dheeraj Yadav and other hundred students were present in the demonstration march.
It will be worth to see that how the BJP government, having been in power for more than one year, justify themselves assuring “acche din” for public amid such controversies in the coming time.

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[Prepared by Ravi Ranjan Kumar for Newsnet Desk]

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