Will Asaram Bapu walk free?

Will Asaram Bapu walk free?


Just yesterday, I chanced to see a news flash on television that a key witness that linked rape accused Asaram Bapu to his crime, has been killed. This bumping off of key witnesses appears to be a murky business. It is really suspicious. Now that the key witness has been killed, the court may well let off the disgraced godman. Curious. The BJP -RSS chaps were the ones to protest loudly and tried to stall the arrest of this criminal in sadhu’s robes. Now the BJP is in power, and the witness for the prosecution has been killed.

The same is the story of the Vyapam scandal. The Prime Minister must take proper action to ensure that the guilty are brought to book. Unfortunately, we are not seeing a ‘free and fair’ action. Only some people are ‘free’ to do whatever they please: issue threats, hurl abuse at , even murder their opponents, while the prime minister only visits ‘fair’ foreign countries and makes irrelevant speeches on national radio.

Will Asaram Bapu walk free? It’s anybody’s guess.

Yours truly

Amit , BMC, Advantage Media


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