From earth to sky, we are playing with our lives

From earth to sky, we are playing with our lives

World Health Organisation and 300 NGO’s of 50 other countries have together released a report “Global Burden of Disease”. It says that every year in India about 60 lakh people die of  pollution particles that are mixed in the air. Pucca houses, building and other activities of development that generate dust, smoke that comes out of crores of vehicles, carbon that is generated from coal plants and industries, diesel generators, burnt stubs and after burning stoves, are adding poison to the air.

We bring almost 1600 to 2000 new vehicles every day to the roads. Only 56 people out of 1000 own private vehicles. But owning more vehicles is thought as increasing prestige. This become as a part of our consumer culture.

Not only air, we are also polluting water and soil. The large amount of fertilizer used in fields. We are over using water, we are exploiting the water level. The underground water level has decreased. And also we are increasing the amount of arsenic/ selenium in the soil.

We are also adding up  the noise pollution. In public celebrations, family functions, we mostly use loud speakers to show our prestige. Sounds of  more than 90 decibel produces dangerous pollution, but who cares. More than 90 decibels are generated by our own mixer grinder in our houses. In dance club, the moving motor bike or train produces 100 decibel noises. And the DJs produce more than 100 decibels. Life without television or telephone has become impossible.

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In all we can try to complement tradition and culture together to live a healthy life.

[Seema Kumari]




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  1. Gaurav Anand   July 28, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    Pollution is accelerating consumerism culture. New products are being invented, of which one would never have thought about.

    Eureka Forbes, the famous water purifier company has now launched air purifiers. They will soon be blackmailing you to get them installed or you would die of pollution. And their business will flourish like always. Thanks to pollution.

    Better start saving money, many such products are in line.


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