Breastfeeding -Infant’s right to food protection

Breastfeeding -Infant’s right to food protection


Today,there are approximately 852 million people who are undernourished and many more who do not receive enough vitamins and minerals to ensure proper growth and development and to maintain basic health.Millions more are deprived of secure access to safe food and water and adequate health service.

Dirty water and lack of sanitation unsafe food and inadequate feeding practices,especibreastfeedingally for infant and young children. This is the major cause of diarrhoeas,  that because of under nutrition and can result in death.

For, infants,  breast milk is the cheapest and most nutritionally value food which fuels good mental and physical development. Protection of breastfeeding and the need of pregnant and breastfeeding women  to realize the right to food for infants, that how much it is useful for infants.  Women should be aware of infant malnutrition.

Everyday social media offers food safety programs .As government budget is decreasing and food safety agencies struggle to recognize and highlight the food borne illness.Social media technology can play key role in improving the effectiveness.

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