Does Change frustrate you or make you Happy?

Does Change frustrate you or make you Happy?

Change is something that does not change. It is permanent in our life but usually people do not like changes weather they are for good or bad. People tend to be in their comfort zones without any changes. A change can also be a step towards failure or success. Sometimes changes are so big that they demolish the old situation and form a new world.

Changes keep on taking place in our lives, sometimes we recognise them and other times we are unable too. Changes keep on taking place according to the situation.

The recent big change is cash ban. It is a change that has drawn the attention of entire India. Some people are happy with this change and the others are frustrated. There is always a debate being held on it. There has been some problem because of it like ATM not working for one or two days; but now the situation is under control in Patna.

One of my relatives phoned and informed me that since a month has passed still the people of Gujrat are suffering with the issue of ATMs being closed and no cash in them. People are suffering in hospital because of lack of cash, markets have came down etc but this new change was a big step taken by Narendra Modi in trying to control corruption. This change will also take sometime to become smooth and it may bring a new horizon for India.

So, changes take place to bring something new. People should accept the change and also should bring changes that are good for our society and country as a whole.


Prepared by Seema Kumari

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