In support of diversity

The rule of law is supreme and everyone is equal in the eyes of law in India. Yet, the transgender community is in a constant battle. Recognition of transgender as a third gender is not a social or medical issue but a human right. Transgendered  people not only have to fight oppression and also abuse and discrimination from the society. They also face difficulty in exercising their basic civil rights. Transgender children are often  discarded from the family. There is no acceptance anywhere and they are discriminated against. Even if they are enrolled in an educational institutes they face harassment and are bullied everyday and are asked to leave the school or they drop out on their own.
Nowadays mindset of people is changing. Today, society has started accepting transgender as a normal human being. There are steps taken to ensure that no innocent is being harassed. Even supreme court has passed a judgment that the transgender community is entitled to basic rights. There are also many stage shows organized by the media in order to help the transgender. On 3rd December, 2016, the Lions club of Patna femina and Bobis entertainment presented the first solo play on transgender. The name of the play was “MANGALBHUMI”. The 45 minutes play was written and directed by Abhishek Chauhan and was acted by Yuvraj Kumar. It was about the struggle of transgender and showed that how the transgender community faces discrimination and therefore has fewer opportunities as compared to other.
Another event named QUEER PRIDE WALK-2016 was organized on 27th November,2016, in Delhi. It was a beautiful sight as hundreds of people marched together covered in rainbow colors, waving signs of freedom and equality, and asking for the right to be who they are.
At last I would like conclude by saying that each human being in this universe is unique and we as human beings are no one to discriminate people who are different. And it is good that our country has started realizing that every individual has equal rights and we should follow the policy of-
Yours Truly
Department of Communicative English with Media Studies-II
Patna Women’s College

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