A Lecture on Media

A Lecture on Media


In a democracy like India the media has a very significant and inestimable role. A free, frank and fearless media is extremely essential not only in a democracy but in every other forms of Government. The manner in which the news are presented keeps the people informed and in touch with what goes in and around the country or the world. The newspapers, news channels, new age media(i.e. social media)etc. have become the best means of communication of views and opinion between the Government and the masses.

A bold presentation of the right news, views, information, and reports help in the formation of a healthy public opinion. Truthful reporting helps in strengthening the bond amongst the people. At times many newspapers and news channels poison the thinking rather than unite the people on humanitarian grounds, which is absolutely abysmal. The newspapers or news channels which are owned by business magnets give manipulative and distorted version of information with a view to satisfy their own interests. Such news channels and newspapers should be banned.

The media should work with effervescence. It shouldn’t be biased to anyone or anything in any manner. But at times the situation is antithesis. If media has the power to inform people it should uphold and support every righteous cause.

Wrong information may enervate the masses. It is very true that media should have freedom so that it can possibly stand and fight for the rights and liberties of the citizens belonging to different sections of the society. Media should always work for a united cause and for the interest of the nation. The media should also upbraid the wrong deeds of the Government to bring about healthy changes. The information that is provided to the masses by press should be laconic, pithy, and it shouldn’t be fallacious.

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A free media indicates a free thinking, an independent nation and a liberal outlook. Then alone grows the feeling of brotherhood, love, and sharing.

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