Redefine ‘Public Interest’ to end Corruption

Redefine ‘Public Interest’ to end Corruption


Corruption has been one of the biggest hindrances in the way of development. And if we don’t free ourselves from the clutches of corruption we can never become a developed country. For this we have to redefine the concept of what Public Interest in this country should be. There is no urgency among us to deal with corruption. The case will go on, the courts will go on, the parliamentary committee will continue to sit on, we will continue to deliberate and the people of this country will continue to be fooled forever in this so called fight for corruption.

Legal measures are taken and whole legal drama is orchestrated to show that steps are being taken. But it is to no avail. Country will change if we will learn to ask the right and direct questions. Media should be empowered. The Judicial system and Investigative system takes a lot of time so we need to change the root of system. There has to be independence in prosecution wings, investigation wings, there has to be some degree of Independence given. We have to strengthen the system.

We should name the corrupt and shame the corrupt and we have to systematically deal with the corrupt. There is fear among people and they say that why we should become ‘Satyendra Dubey’ who was killed for exposing corruption, people don’t want to be the whistleblowers.

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We have an aggressive and vibrant media and we need to be strong and get rid of the fear, we have to come out strong and speak against every corruption that we witness.

Some fast-track courts should be setup to fight corruption. Corruption should not be compromised with ever. Because the delay in justice results in not just the corrupt getting away but also results in a failure to send out a tough message to the culprits. So if we want a corruption free India we should strengthen our system and empower our media.

Yours truly,

Kriti Kumari

Cems 2nd Year, Patna Women’s College

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  1. Gaurav Anand   January 24, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Corruption is an antediluvial malice which has been existent in the system of governance since time immemorial. No laws or fast track courts can be a solution to this whammy, unless and until the mindsets change.

    The word ‘Corruption’ has now merely become a political tool, the promise to eradicate which by our netas garners huge consensus.

    Good luck to the word of the millennium and to those who are making false promises to banish it.


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