Is this a real democracy?

Is this a real democracy?


India is a democratic country. We the people of India elect our own government and give the chosen political  party power to work for the well-being of the nation. Our constitution has given us six fundamental rights to save and protect the interest of people. There is a lot more  good about India and the best thing is ‘unity in diversity’.

However, we cannot deny that we have come to a stage where we need to think whether we are really  a democratic country, Are  the common people of India enjoying democracy?

There are several cases that lead me to think. The very recent one is Gurmehar Kaur’s case in which she talks of having peace between two country India and Pakistan. She talks about ending war but this becomes an anti-national act, according to some leaders of the ruling party. They harass her for her right to speech. Is this a democracy where people are not allowed to express themselves against hatred and war between two countries? When did appealing for friendship and forgiveness instead of hate and war become anti-national?

The other case is interference in ones personal life in the name of caste. The party in power and many violent groups linked with them have been violent against Dalits and others who eat beef. Killing of cows is a separate issue, eating of beef is another. The word ‘beef’ is not limited to just cow meat, but why does the government encourage this confusion? Is this correct? What to eat or what not to eat is ones personal choice. Any party does not have right to interfere in it. Is this a real democracy where the people personal life is governed by a party? The same argument goes for the elected government of Bihar  having a blanket ban and irrational punishment  on liquor consumption.

Our country has several parties that means we have lots of options;  if one does not work we can elect the other one. Yes, somewhere it is good but according to me every party promises to solve the problems of people in order to come in power, and  once elected they become autiocratic.

Every party fights for their power but not for the rights of people. Is this a real democracy?

We people need to think and come together forgetting our own selfishness and work for the benefit of one and for all. Politicians and the party in power must allow people to criticize them, so that they can take the constructive criticism seriously, and ignore the rest.

We want India’s freedom from caste, class, war, fear, poverty and selfishness.


Yours truly

Seema Kumari

St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology, Digha Patna


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