Beliebe it! Beiber lip-synced?

Beliebe it! Beiber lip-synced?

The highly anticipated Justin Bieber maiden India concert was held last night at DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai, and it was beyond successful–in terms of attendance at least. But Justin, not known for his niceties, probably ripped off fans who came to hear him sing, but noticed bad lip syncing instead!
While many Indians are still enthralled with the magic they saw last night, there are a few who have resorted to social media to express their disappointment.

International pop sensation Justin Bieber arrived in Mumbai last night-wearing a pink hoodie, but that’s another conversation-leaving his fans, who had been waiting for him at the airport for more than a day.

With the DY Patil Stadium filled with 45,000 of his fans, Bieber was to bestow the stage with his grand presence at 8 pm, and ever since, the turned into a mish-mash of excitement, music and madness.
Bieber entered the stage in a white t-shirt and black Adidas shorts, but is expected to have a change of clothes as the evening progresses. By belting out hits like Where Are You Now, The Feeling and Mark My Words, he’s successfully made his fans go a bit crazy. To add to it all, he went ahead and said between songs, “You guys are the coolest,” which was obviously received with a huge round of loud cheer and screams.
Bieber made everyone swoon to his music last night, in the darkness of the night and the eye-blinding glimmer of the shining personality that he is, most people could not notice that the pop sensation was lip syncing his own songs.

What caused rage on social media was the poorly synced lips, and a performance with absolutely no efforts put in–and all of this after the bizarre demands, and pocket-burning tickets.
Another twitter user spotted the gum Bieber chewed throughout the concert, now that is unacceptable–you’ve got to make people ‘beliebe’ that you’re singing, Bieber.
The Indian leg of the Purpose Tour might have been the most magnificent concert held on the Indian soil, but Bieber sure did lose a group of loyal fans who were utterly disappointed.

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