Selfies and sentiments mark Xavierian Graduation in Patna

Selfies and sentiments mark Xavierian Graduation in Patna

This week the twin colleges of St. Xavier’s and St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology (Digha, Patna) held their graduation day.

It was a very special and an unforgettable day for the college  as the first batch of Economics department and Mass Communication department students were going out as the ambassadors of the college.
From long time we were discussing and selecting our dresses to wear on the graduation day. Boys came in their best clothes and most of the girls were flaunting their ultra-fashionable saris. Some wore their gown. One of our classmates, Emilia, a Romanian, bought a sari to wear, especially for the occasion. This was the first time she had worn a sari. All were very excited about the graduation ceremony and especially the thrill of wearing the black gown, golden cape, and mortarboard.
We were happy to step into the new world and were also looking forward to our future careers. The Professors looked happy to see their students going out.
Everywhere in the college, people were happy. Some were happy that they would get more time to sleep, some thought that now they were free from the loads of assignments and power point presentations, some were happy that their mobile phones could no longer be confiscated but somewhere there was a bit of sadness too.
The professors who scolded us, whom we didn’t like, whose lectures we wanted to bunk; this feeling had changed now. We wanted to attend their class, somewhere we had started to miss them, we got to know their importance and now we were loving their scolding; their past scolding had become a beautiful memory for us.
The new morning that bought graduation day with itself had changed us. We all were realising that we had grown up and with this feeling we went to the college chapel and for some of us it was the first visit! We went there to ask for blessing for our onward journey of life.
It was a solemn prayer ceremony where the vice-principal Rev. Fr. Martin Porus prayed for us. We were told to write our experiences, good and bad experience on different pieces of paper. The bad experiences was burnt in the holy fire of the church and the good ones were collected to cherish forever!
Then there were the mandatory group photo sessions with the principal and professors. The official send-off took place in the De Nobili hall. Student representatives shared their experiences. Certificates and mementos were presented. Some of us were also awarded for our hard work put in over these past three years. There were several categories for the award like best student, student who have the quality of excellence, best volunteers, student who made difference to the college and one self, highest attendance and highest marks etc.
Our Student of the Year was Manisha Soreng from B.Com while, Ravi Ranjan Kumar, from the Mass Communication department got the highest marks certificate; he ranked highest in his department and also in entire college and various other students also got awards and certificates of merit.
Ravi Ranjan Kumar, said “it was a great learning experience for the last three years; it groomed me from a boy to the man. I got to learn from so many intellectual brains and that is the biggest asset I have gained. I got so many friends for life and will cherish the beautiful memory that I gained from the college.”

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Gowns capes and mortar boards, some BMC students pose with Principal Rev Nishaant SJ

Aatmza, student of Mass communication said “This College has showed me a path to walk. My graduation has opened a lot of opportunities for me. I am connected to this college emotionally and will cherish its moments forever.
Being a part of the first batch graduating as BMC students there was a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. I was happy because I was waiting for long time for this moment. I was very excited to see myself in the black hat and gown. I had scaled one more ladder but at the same time I was sad as I had connected to this college very strongly. My entire BMC department my professors, my friends and my juniors, this was the time when I had to leave them. My graduation day made me realise that I have grown up. My BMC department made me mature to take responsibilities. While moving out my heart was filled with gratitude for this college and my BMC department.
We students were given a memento as a memory of the college. But the best moment was the selfies, everybody took selfies with everyone possible. With this our graduation day ended hoping that every student will excel in their field and will spread the name of Xavier’s College Digha with their good work.

Seema Kumari

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