Bihar CM and Chancellor fiddle while University falls apart ?

Bihar CM and Chancellor fiddle while  University falls apart ?

Bihar Chief Minister’s Dream Project “Aryabhatta Knowledge University” sliding down

“Go to cabin number -2! Then the person in the cabin number 2 says go to the examination cell; then the so called Babus in the examination cell office started playing ‘pass-the-buck’ from table to table and the desperate student is running after his application for hours.

Then one of the Babus asks him to wait outside and says ‘We will call you’ but the wait did not end there. When the clock was about to announce the end of working hours then the student insisted and begged peons and clerical staffs to track his application and somehow he got his mark sheet attested at the last minute (which is minutes’ work).” Sadly it took almost four hours. The mark sheet was long overdue, as will be explained below.
This is the pure government working culture of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s dream project- Aryabhatta Knowledge University (AKU).

This is not the only  case. One of the students came out frustrated from examination cell of AKU and disclosed that the staff and officers are more interested to announce the result of their relatives (10th Bihar Board result) on phone by using free internet in the office rather than to address the student’s concerns. There are many more such cases which really put a big question mark on the professionalism of the first technical university of Bihar.
This is just one side of the story.

Students have been waiting for the fifth semester results for over four months. As a matter of fact, third year students have completed the 6th semester University exams, without knowing their 5th semester result. If any student fails in the 5th semester then he/she does not qualify for the 6th semester. It will not matter at all, even if the concerned student has  managed to pass in the 6th semester examination, completed recently.

Moreover, when the students phone the AKU office to inquire about the delayed Semester results, those who answer the phones don’t talk politely and avoid giving any concrete answers. They say that they are not accountable to students.

Students cheated out of mark sheets
Not only this, but the students have been paying heavy revised examination fee (Rs 3200/semester) which also includes fees for the original mark sheet. You will be surprised to know that, for the past three years, the  students have not received a single original marks sheet of the previous semesters till the time of writing.

This is a major source of embarrassment. Because of this lapse, we students are denied admission for higher studies and jobs as we cannot produce our original mark-sheets for verification.

It is very embarrassing for AKU students, because the college officials doubt their authenticity, and the recent Bihar education scams have done nothing to improve the image of the Bihari students! even the deserving ones. As a result, their one whole year and dream is at stake.
So the question that arises  whether the top AKU management can be held accountable for such faults and lack of serious concern. As a matter of fact they are very busy but in political game.

Our honourable Governor of Bihar is the Chancellor of AKU. At the moment he is too busy with the Presidential election as he has been nominated as Presidential candidate from NDA. And so the other top management and leader are too busy in ‘backing him’ while the fate of hundreds of students of the University is falling apart.

Actually day by day, this ‘star’ university is falling apart

So, at the end of the day, it is the students who have to suffer and pay for University’s carelessness and irresponsibility.

Because of the educational institute like AKU being run in this fashion, credibility of degree comes at stake for the students applying outside Bihar for further studies. This is one of the reasons for the negative image of Bihar being projected outside in the education field. Students prefer to study outside Bihar after their 12th class because of such harsh reality. Irony is that every politician will sing that once Bihar was once the centre of quality higher education where students from all over the world came to get knowledge.
It is high time now to take strict measures to repair the damaged condition otherwise the education on which development of a state banks upon will collapse and ultimately this pathetic condition will continue to prevail.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar

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