Is AKU: Bihar’s ‘Pride’ running out of steam?

Is AKU: Bihar’s ‘Pride’ running out of steam?


Aryabhatta Knowledge University is supposed to be the Pride of Bihar. It has been running so many different streams like BBA, BCA,, BBE and BMC.

Being a student of Aryabhatta knowledge university, I would like to draw your attention to the problem we are facing. We have been waiting for the fifth semester results for over four months. As a matter of fact, we students of the 3rd year have completed our 6th semester university exams, without knowing how we fared in the 5th semester exams!

When we students phone the AKU office to inquire about it, we are always told that it will come out on Monday, Tuesday and they keep postponing the dates … as mentioned already we have taken our sixth semester exam without knowing about the result of fifth semester.

Not only this,  but in every semester we students have been paying  examination fees (Rs 3200/-each  semester for semester 5 and 6 and Rs 2700/- each semester  1-4)  which also includes the fees for the  original marks sheet. You will be surprised to know that till date, we have not received the original marks sheet of the previous semesters.

The recently graduated students of AKU informed us that none of them have received their originals from the university

This is a high time that AKU should realize that they are holding back  the students. Whether it is  because of carelessness or irresponsibility,  the repercussions have to be faced by the students, who are denied admiissions for futher study or jobs because they cannot produce their original certificates..

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If the ‘good universities’ in Bihar like Aryabhatta Knowledge University are being run in this fashion, I shuddert to think of the students’ fate in the not-so famous universities of Bihar.


Yours truly

Seema Kumari

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