Bihar Governor fell short of fair play

Bihar Governor fell short of fair play

The Governor is supposed to be above party politics, and he should be seen as fair and just.

The role of the acting governor of Bihar in the recent toppling game by the BJP and Nitish Kumar combine has left a bad taste in the mouth.

The acting governor had determined the swearing -in ceremony of the JDU-BJP combine at 5 pm.

He asked the RJD to hand in their supporters list by 11 am the next day, and then almost immediately after, rescheduled the swearing in ceremony for 10 am the next day, an hour before! Thus he clearly indicated a bias against the RJD party.

It would have been much better had the governor waited for the RJD list of supporters, and then taken his decision. It was highly unlikely that the situation would have changed by 11 am on the 27th of July!

He would have been seen as above petty politics and maintained the dignity of his office.

Sadly, the man has fallen short of expectations. No wonder that Mamata Bannerjee hurls accusations at the governor for being a BJP stooge!

Shailendra Singh, Calcutta.

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