‘Not in my name’ Protest

‘Not in my name’ Protest


As an individual I am a part of this diverse culture of my country. My identity is not limited to a religion, caste, creed, clan, color etc.
As a citizen of India, I’m part of a country known for values and a culture which has space for opinions, tolerance and other cultures. Our constitution is based on our cosmopolitan outlook.
The current development in the country under the present government is shameful. The lynching of innocent people belonging to minority without any reason, the prejudice and the resulting hate is what we are not known for. We are Indian and in no way part of these ethnic crimes.

Yours truly
Yogesh Kumar

BMC 3rd year; St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology, Digha, Patna


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One Response to "‘Not in my name’ Protest"

  1. Akanksha   November 26, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Happy to see people Arise from their slumber! If government is sleeping over an issue the citizens of India can wake it up or throw it away! It is high time we raise our voices against the lynching issue. We want a country of peaceful co-existence. Literate modern people think of bring India up with modernization and not slaughtering it with religion. It is so funny how the government of India, which is considered secular, tolerate such indiscipline. It never takes long for people to like a government neither does it take long to hate it. We are all hating it now. Immediate punishment and severe ones should be given to lynchers otherwise India will come together against the administrative governing party.


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