Protest turns into personal fight

  Protest turns into personal fight


I write this letter to share my views on the ‘Not in my name’ protest. The public of this nation often come together with a purpose. They align their thoughts to fight against wrong doing but then lose their path.

A naïve boy Junaid was killed by the mob, people there didn’t react. When ‘Not in my name’ protest started, some voices got high against this protest. They say why you did not protest when Hindus were killed? I was going through the comments of a post of Renuka Shahane on this issue. I found that a cold war is going in that section. People started with this issue then went on religion supremacy and then to politics.

My point is that protests start for a good cause but end up with a conflict. They should see that this protest may bring down the differences between the two communities. But the thing people who always want conflict will always divert the aim or motive of the protest.

The main issue of lynching is not they are concerned about but their personal interest for arguments on social media.


Yours faithfully

Deedar Kumar

BMC 3rd year; St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology, Digha




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  1. Akanksha   November 26, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    Standing for a Good cause is right, until it is getting violent or creating problems or threat indeed.


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