Why is Tejaswi Yadav being made a target?

Why is Tejaswi Yadav being made a target?


For some time now, there is this concerted media chorus about some ‘benami’ land deals that have been allegedly made by two  children of RJD Chief Lalu Prasad.

So? Am I surprised? Not really. After all, for decades now, the rumour mill has been awash with stories about Lalu Prasad aiding and abetting ‘corrupt’ people, so I can safely assume that there may have been hanky-panky of some sort, rules bent to accomodate special people, and so on.

But what’s interesting is the way that the Modi government is consistently indulging in a vindictive smear campaign. I hold no brief for the RJD, but one thing is clear. Tejaswi Prasad has the makings of a promising and dynamic leader , and that is the reason why the BJP think-tank with the tacit support of the highest ranking stakeholders is working overtime to tarnish this young and dynamic young leader’s image.

I would go so far as to say that Tejaswi Yadav has a better screen presence than Rahul Gandhi. The young man has a distinct charisma, that, if groomed, will be able to charm the voters of our so-called upper middle class as well!

So, that’s the real point of this media circus … it is crass politics, nothing to do with the rule of law.


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