4 Responses to A Bad Road delays University Exam Results

  1. Traffic of city shows how we are developed and how the government is working. Our traffic system is messed ans shows what we are. This condition is not in any specific area, traffic system of entire Patna is damaged and unfortunately if the rain comes it becomes pathetic.

  2. India is said to be fastest developing countries. But one of the underlying fact is the condition of roads, which is very bad and is becoming worse day by day. Because of this people face a lot problems.

  3. These traffic problems are getting bigger day by day. It has become like a permanent stress. Mithapur stretch is a tiring ride. I haven’t been to that part lately but it is quite imaginable scenario considering rest of the Patna’s management.

  4. I agree, I have also faced the same problem while going to AKU for my certificates and transcrips. The distance which should be covered in ten minutes takes thirty minutes to reach.

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