Around Patna: A tale of Shoes

It all started with a ‘lucky shoe’ . In a land where only the rich and powerful  could aspire to wear them, one smart aleck got his hands on a pair, but the shoes were the cause of so many problems. The shoes kept the audience in splits throughout the performance of ‘Jootey’, in Patna recently.

Theatre lovers in the city will be clapping again for the young theatre group of Patna ‘The Art Maker’. This group was formed in 2009 by Sameer Kumar who is a theatre actor and  student of Madhya Pradesh School of Drama.

He started with some young talented actors and they became a complete troupe of young artistes. The funny little boy ‘Khajur’ (Karthikey Raj) in Kapil Sharma Show is a part of this group. He was awarded for best comic role in India Best Dramebaaz Season 2 finals. Even his younger brother Abhishek is a wonderful actor and a member of ‘The Art Maker’.
‘The Art Maker’ group performed a comical play titled ‘Jootey’ at the Premchand Rangshala in Patna. They made the audience laugh and showed the essence of life with their performance. ‘Jootey’ was written by famous playwright, poet and critic Nand Kishore Acharya. The play was directed by Narendra Singh and was designed by Sameer Kumar.

This group is comprised of youngsters whose maturity level is more than their age.
Sourav Kumar Soni a student of St. Xavier’s College and a member of The Art Maker group said  “Because of some distractions and difficulties we have not been on stage for few months and this play was our comeback. We are grateful to the audience that they acknowledged our hard work and bought the ticket to watch our play. It’s a good start and we will keep on going from now on.”
Whenever we go to see a play we appreciate the actors. But there is a whole team who are responsible for the promotion, fund raising and other things to bring the play on stage. They spend a lot of money. That’s why the Art Maker group has a request for theatre lovers: Please be a paying audience. So, if love watching plays, we must buy a ticket to support theatre in our city.


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  • November 16, 2017 at 11:22 pm

    Theater has slowly lost its value with all the technology taking over the industry. It feels good to see that young minds are leaning towards an old culture and keeping it alive.

  • August 31, 2017 at 9:51 am

    I like mostly.

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