At Marpah… facing starvation… where to turn?

At Marpah… facing starvation… where to turn?

Saji Thengumpallil sent out this from Marpa, near Hajipur

Marpa flood update as on 18 Aug:
Unfortunately the road towards Marpa Tahir is broken under water pressure and an young married boy drowned. The Body is missing, probably  inside the Mann Pond.
I visited some families around and found they had no dry clothes, except what was worn. Everything was soiled and wet as they were submerged in the water…
I found wet wheat, rice, flour and other edible items, spread on whatever place was available,  kept for drying..with hope. But no birds, hen, pigeons or any other living beings are willing to eat the  grains..this means it is spoiled…totally..
I saw in every house mattresses, pillows, and other household items are all wet and now they cannot be used further.. the people are just hanging on to them, but they are useless …they are just kept  to be thrown away…
As the water is still stagnant and  walking through dirty mud eats up our skin at the foot and all of us here in the house are limping.

As we pass by we just smile at each other just to say ‘every body is having the same grief…

The Marpah parish, note the height of the water mark

What is not very positive around here is that none of us in the village have something to eat… Or have something waterproof, even a plastic sheet to stave off the rain or to protect food for live stock…. I do not have courage ask any one… BECAUSE I AM AFRAID OF THE REPEATED “NOs” WHICH I HAVE WITNESSED IN THE  PAST..whether it is from the govt machinery, NGOS or religious groups… Is it peculiar to some extent .. I am still wondering..

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Fr. Joseph Kujur leads the club members to feed flood affected people of Baspara and Lebutola under Rajibpur parish 18/8/2017

I just saw on facebook that in Raiganj diocese, Fr. Mahipal Toppo is preparing and serving food for flood victims… I hope some miracles may happen for the people here also…

Photos by Saji

All that I saw was some motorised boats moving around to make their observation… I heard that a tractor is being used for conveyance from Sitamarhi to this side.. Also vehicles can move through Sheohar via Bairgania. We are not so well as the days are Tough times ahead…. Please continue pray….

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