3 Responses to Stressed Students Smoking Grass, what a Drag!

  1. Marijuana is the most easily available illicit drug around the world. It’s available at around every 3-4 kilometers within our city. Seizing shops around the college vicinity may make it difficult for the students to get hands on but not impossible.

    Much more action and counselling is needed to minimise it’s usage by the students.

  2. It sounds may be very cool… But it is not at all legal, ethical or cool…. If a teenager engrossed themselves in this activity, it means their future is in dark…

    Well nicely done report…. As per the reality….

  3. yes, I have also been wondering that why do the weed,cigarettes and gutkas are being sold near by any educational organisation’especially near colleges’but after going through this article I understood the connection between the two weed and the students and of course we should not blame the today’s generation because they are not the one to start. it is being followed by generations.

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