9 Responses to Stressed Students Smoking Grass, what a Drag!

  1. As nowadays students are experiencing cigarette,weeds,drugs,they want to try it once in a lifetime but they become addicted to it…As we know execcesive of anything is addiction…and getting rid from it…is very tough…

  2. Smoking weed, or cannabis, has no negative effects on your health. It only supplies positive effects that make us numb “high”, which is why medical marijuana is used. Nobody has ever died from it, it does not kill brain cells and there’s no physical addiction, of course it has a mental addiction, but excess of anything becomes addictive, isn’t it? Tobacco is harmful, it should be banned.

  3. earlier it was not so popular but after liquor ban weed has become more popular in Bihar and people are getting addicted to it because it is cheaper than wine and thats why students are getting attracted to it because they have cheaper formula to high and no risk in buying it. sell of marijuana is illegal only for name, it is easily available in almost every area just like stationary shop.

  4. Sunisha kumari patel

    We all know that smoking is injurious to health ,but still people are smoking . And yes, the shops near to the schools or colleges which sell these smoking products are encouraging students for smoking . Many students are addicted to this and they are making their life hell. Because of this students are derailed from their track and are not focusing on their goal.

  5. I guess it’s not only the trend that has been followed. In some sense, the college itself has given rise to these. The amount of pressure they put on an student makes them so vulnerable that they find everything appealing, whether it has a bad effect on them or not. When one gets too frustrated with the competition and of building an image, the shop barely 50 foot away appeals to them.

  6. True. Sale of marijuana has increased like anything. And, especially near educational institutions. Not only youngsters but men of all ages. People are seen smoking weed at most of the places in the city now.

  7. Marijuana is the most easily available illicit drug around the world. It’s available at around every 3-4 kilometers within our city. Seizing shops around the college vicinity may make it difficult for the students to get hands on but not impossible.

    Much more action and counselling is needed to minimise it’s usage by the students.

  8. It sounds may be very cool… But it is not at all legal, ethical or cool…. If a teenager engrossed themselves in this activity, it means their future is in dark…

    Well nicely done report…. As per the reality….

  9. yes, I have also been wondering that why do the weed,cigarettes and gutkas are being sold near by any educational organisation’especially near colleges’but after going through this article I understood the connection between the two weed and the students and of course we should not blame the today’s generation because they are not the one to start. it is being followed by generations.

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