Tejaswi is RJD’s Bahubali, say fans

Tejaswi is RJD’s Bahubali, say fans

These days Bihar politics is the hot topic for discussion everywhere. Since the day CM NItish Kumar untied the knot of Grand Alliance with the Congress and RJD and joined hands with the BJP, TejashwiYadav ex-Deputy CM and son of RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav has been in the limelight.
It seems the die-hard fans of TejashwiYadav will soon declare him a godfather. His fans are giving their best to promote him as if an aggressive selling of a product. On August 27 Bihar’s former Chief Minister, Lalu Prasad Yadav is holding a ‘DeshBachao – Bhajapa Bhagao’ rally and during the rally he will try to protect his son as the leader of the non- BJP front.

Tejaswi as Bahubali, Bhai Dharmendra grins from the bottom right of the poster

Every cinema fan is aware of the heroic deeds of the fantasy character ‘AmrendraBahubali’, so the fans of RJD have found a real life Bahubali in the ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. They have put up big hoardings of Tejashwi as ‘Bahubali’ with ‘Jiya Ho Lalu Ke Lal’ written on it.
The posters at Kurji, near the Holy family hospital, were the brainchild of die hard RJD supporter Bhai Dharmendra, who once Mukhiya of the area. He firmly believes in the pro-poor and pro-secular ideals of Laloo Prasad, and roundly disparages the ‘majoritanism’ and ‘poisonous politcs’ of Nitish Kumar’s current coalition partner.
While talking to some of the locals in Kurji it was evident that RJD has a considerable following around Kurji and Digha and the people are unhappy with Nitish Kumar’s new found alliance with the BJP. They felt deeply betrayed and said, ‘We stand with our RJD and hope that the Maha Rally will be successful. Lalu Ke Lal’s fan have trust in him and believe he is a good man as they say that he has done taken many steps as well as done a lot of work for Bihar.
These hoardings have made this political situation thought-provoking for the common public. It’s not the first entertaining hoarding at Kurji More.

Whenever our politicians make news, we get to see a new hoarding especially when the issue is related to RJD in Bihar.
For instance the jokes and memes on Nitish backstabbing Lalu was not just trending on social mediabut there was a hoarding too. There was an epic scene ‘Kattapa killing Amrendra Bahubali’ from the movie Bhaubali in that hoarding. Now, you can easily make out who was potrayed as Kattapa and who as Bahubali.

Tejaswi, a soft spoken and dynamic young leader, has his supporters among some of the educated, middle class sections, who believe that, with a bit more experience, he could make an affirmative political difference.

Whether they would see him as a ‘Bahubali’ is a different matter altogether!

[Newsnet Desk with inputs from Deedar Kumar]