World Peace Parliament in Patna : People of Goodwill invited!

World Peace Parliament in Patna : People of Goodwill invited!

Vishwa Shanti Sansad: Parliament for World Peace will be held at Patna starting tomorrow August 4. Bihar is the right place to begin a healing campaign that will strive to curb the darkness of discord in the name of religion.

‘Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017’ on 4th & 5th August  2017 at Patna is the first meeting of the Vishwa Shanti Sansad to be organised by Tyagarchana Shanti Mission in collaboration with other like-minded organizations /institutions.

Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi

A public meeting on 4th Aug 2017 afternoon from 3: 30 PM to 6: 30 PM at St. Xavier’s School Auditorium, Patna, to inaugurate the Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan and in which spiritual and religious leaders will give their ‘Words of Blessings’ to Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan and its Bihar Pilot Project is the first day’s programme of Vishwa Shanti Sansad-2017.

All people of goodwill are invited to this public meeting. ‘Parliament Sessions’ will be held on the various aspects of the theme at the same venue from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on 5th Aug for those inspired to join this divine mission.

‘Unitive spiritual consciousness’ is the consciousness of the spiritual unity and harmony underlying the diversities and contradictions in the physical world.

It is the consciousness that will enable us to live in harmony with the Universal Spiritual Consciousness that sustains and enlivens the whole creation.

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‘Prajnanam Brahman’ (God is Consciousness) proclaims the Aitareya Upanishad. ‘God is Spirit’, ‘God is light’ and ‘God is love’ teaches the Holy Bible. According to the Holy Quran, ‘Allah is the light of the world.’ The Guru Grandh Sahib teaches us that ‘God is the Light of lights’. The Chandogya Upanishad points out that God is the ‘Great Light beyond all the worlds.’

A unitive spiritual consciousness will help us to discover and experience the spiritual unity and harmony underlying the various religious traditions and scriptures of humankind. This will lead to interreligious harmony that is essential for peace and sustainable development in the world.

A deeper study will reveal to us that the real crises facing the present world are not economic and political, but moral and spiritual.

Religions that are required to provide moral and spiritual guidance to humanity have lost much of their spiritual vitality and moral strength. A spiritual and moral regeneration of religions is the crying need of the era.

India which is an ancient land of religions that sought after truth and spirituality incessantly has to take the lead and show the way in this historic task of regenerating the religions. This is the call and mission of India in the third millennium.

Religions in India need to come together to fulfil this divine mission of the millennium based on a unitive spiritual consciousness. This is also the imperative of the era for India and the world to find true peace, prosperity and happiness.

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