Are we in a confined democracy?

Are we in a confined democracy?

From our school days we were told that democracy is a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the hands of people and exercise by them or by their representatives under a free electoral system.

But after coming into a practical world; I feel that the term democracy is becoming vague day by day. The term is now becoming meaningless.

There are several things that force me to think that Indian democracy is a confined democracy. It is controlled by some rich groups but appears to be independent. During the election, voters especially poor and illiterate are ‘bribed’ through money or other commodities to gather their votes. They also play the game of caste and religion to increase their vote bank. People with criminal backgrounds with money and power get themselves elected and honest and capable people are not able to contest the election.

Corruption has taken place in all the levesl of governance. The money that should be used in development is in the pockets of the corrupt people.

Equality before law is now only on the books as the rich and powerful get away easily  or treated differently from the common citizens, it is not because of the court but because of the dishonest investigation and lack of evidence presented to the courts by the investigators as they are influenced by the rich and powerful. The common people cannot afford to defend themselves in many cases.

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After so many years of independence still the poor and marginalised are living a pathetic life. Quality education is only accessed by the rich and wealthy, the condition of governments school is really miserable and is a matter of grave concern.

Bad roads, bad drainage, poor electricity have been accepted by the citizens and they believe that things will not improve under corrupt and irresponsible officials.

One must remember that it is not the democracy in India that is to be blamed for the bad condition of our country, but those who acquire power by the so called democratic means and the people who use the power for their own advantage rather than in serving the people.

On the other hand the citizens are also to be blamed because the citizens elect them and citizens do help them to become corrupt by giving them  bribes. They are also equally responsible for the bad situation of our country.

So, there is a need to change the mind-set of the people. They need to learn to stand for others and raise their voice against any kind of injustice.  There is a need for all the citizens of the country to be vigilant and proactive and defend their democratic rights.

Thus, on this International Day of Democracy; being proud to be the citizens of the world’s largest democracy-India, let us be active citizens and promise that in our own way we will make India a great and exemplary democracy.

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Seema Kumari

2 Responses to "Are we in a confined democracy?"

  1. ujjawal Kumar sinha   November 29, 2017 at 8:25 pm

    Yes. Because India is a country of indirect democracy. We can only choose someone who stands as a representative of party to govern our country, who are elected by party members and not by direct public. we don’t directly choose our ministers from public.

  2. Akanksha   November 25, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    nowadays Democracy has turned out to be a Demoncracy, no rules, no regulations and no law & order are there, There is complete anarchy and lawlessness these days, hardly does a days when there are no news of corruption, death so forth and so on. Government must have to watch out what is going under their nose so that they may be able to stops these crimes indeed.


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