Railway Ministry ‘shames’ citizens?

Railway Ministry ‘shames’ citizens?

Railways started a campaign that they are subsidizing my tickets and they are getting only 53% of total cost incurred on my travel. Is it true? What are the calculations?

I think all the expenses on account of ticketless travel, concessions given to Journalists, MP/MLAs, Padma Awardees, Shram Awardees, Gallantry awards etc should not be treated as subsidy on the general public tickets.

If Parliament gives free tickets to MP/MLAs, then the bill should be sent to Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. If Padma awards are travelling freely on railways, then bill should go to Dept of Culture. If Shram awardees travels, then their bills should to Ministry of Labour. Why Railways should not collect/get reimbursement from the concerned Ministries.

To say that the cost of our tickets are borne by general public to be extent of 47% is very bad and without any basis. Prabhu sahad should be candid enough to divulge details before starting an onslaught on us emotionally.


Railway has huge number of employees and they are also given free pass to travel by rail with their family members. Who bear the cost?

Don’t mistake me. I am a frequent visitor to the northern states. Maximum number of person travelling on the train has no ticket. The TTRs also know. Simply the get some bribe from them and allow them to travel. This is True. Moreover the Railway employees without proper warrant also travel in the Train. These are the actual losses of the Railway Department. The Statement by the higher authority is inclusive of these defaulters and MPs, MLAs, Padma Awardees, Shram Awardees, Gallantry awards etc. These peoples are never travel alone. The Railway must collect the fare from their respected department



If all the perks offered to the MPs and MLAs are cut off and they are offered only basic salaries like any other govt. employees, a lot of goons and freeloaders who join active politics will disappear.

All the subsidies given to these people are borne by us and to top it we are also shamed by the minister saying that we are availing a subsidy for travelling cheap, which turns out to be an experience out of a rat hole.

No trains can be called worthy of human travel on the Indian Railways. Even Rajdhanis and Shatabdi are infested with rodents and crawling insects, stinking coaches and linen and arrogant railway security and catering staff.

I disagree with the subsidy part, in fact we are paying 57% more for the services rendered by the ministry.



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