Architect of Malayalam Blockbusters is no more

Noted Malayalam movie director I.V. Sasi passed away in Chennai on Tuesday. He was 69.

It was to become an art director that he boarded a train to Chennai in 1968. Seven years later, he made his debut as a director with Ulsavam. In a career that spanned over four decades, he directed blockbuster movies like Ee Nadu, Itha IvideVare, Angadi, Vartha, Devasuram, Avanazhi and Avalude Ravukal.

He also helmed several critically acclaimed films like Alkoottathil Thaniye, Kanamarayathu, Aksharangal andVadakaykkoru Hrudayam.

Filmmaker I V Sasi

He bridged the gap between commerce and art in Malayalam cinema like nobody else before him could. He has made well over 100 films. Several of them, such as Ee Nadu, Itha Ivide Vare, Angadi, Vartha, Devasuram, Avanazhi and Avalude Ravukal were blockbusters. He also made classics such as Alkoottathil Thaniye, Kanamarayathu, Aksharangal and Vadakaykkoru Hrudayam.

I.V Sasi played a key role in turning actors like Mammootty, Mohanlal, Jayan, Sukumaran, Soman, Vincent and Seema into stars.

He went on to marry Seema, who starred in several of his memorable films.


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