Long way to go for dignified life

Long way to go for dignified life

Indian culture and tradition is considered old and great all over the world where people worship various female goddesses like Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati and Kali. On the other hand in the ground realities taking birth as a woman in the Indian society can be said as curse for them.

Women in India face lots of problems all through their life which are big huddles for them right from their beginning of life. They are considered as a burden to their parents and this mentality leads to the abortion of the female foetus in the womb of their mother.

If by mistake she enters  the world a demon ‘sexual harassment’ is waiting to welcome her.  They are considered inferior to men and have to fight for their education.

Gender discrimination surrounds them from their home to the work place. They are expected to prove their worthiness. Their life is controlled by the others.

Seventeen year old Phool Kumari from Rammuniya was enrolled as student of class 10 in Rajkiya Ambetkar Balika Ucha Vidyalay in Samastipur . She lived in a government girls hostel and wanted to become a teacher but her mother called her back because the relatives and other people in her community objected to girls higher education.

She said “ In my village girls are not allowed to study as people believe that girls get spoiled by getting education.”

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People discourage and taunt the girls who go to the school ,she added.

This is only one example there are uncountable who are suffering. Women are expected to fight for their dignified life and for their own rights and they have been fighting for it.

However, a lot of positive changes have occurred in the women status as the number of educated people is increasing in the country yet there is a long way to go on.


Prepared by Seema Kumari

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  1. Akanksha   November 25, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    We cannot bypass the point that “Every man is born of women”, but still there are certain people who thinks Women are burden to them they don’t deserve to be educated but I think They don’t known the fact that women are boon to the society, it is they who shapes the destiny of an individual or an organisation indeed.
    The people should have to understand that there is nothing like boys and girls or men or women we all are equal we have have to give respect to each one whether it is a men or women.


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