Twist in the Pradyuman murder case?

Twist in the Pradyuman murder case?

New Delhi, Nov. 8: The Central Bureau of Investigation has apprehended a Class XI student in connection with the killing of a seven-year-old schoolboy in Gurgaon’s Ryan International School, the agency said on Wednesday.

The Class XI student, who was apprehended late on Tuesday night, allegedly committed the crime as he wanted to get a scheduled parent-teacher meeting and an examination postponed, a CBI spokesperson said.

Pradyuman, a class II student of the school, was found dead with his throat slit by a sharp-edged weapon on the morning of September 8.

The weapon used in the crime has been seized.

”We have come to the conclusion on the basis of CCTV, forensic evidence and scientific evidence. The student has been apprehended. He remains our prime suspect,” the spokesperson said.

The juvenile student, who is about 16 years old, was apprehended late on Tuesday night and his parents were kept in the loop all through, the agency said.

Police in Gurgaon had arrested school bus conductor Ashok Kumar for the crime the same day.

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One Response to "Twist in the Pradyuman murder case?"

  1. Shalini Vats   November 10, 2017 at 7:15 am

    I can only say that this is a sad commentary on the manner in which the local police investigate a crime. Was the bus conductor, after all, innocent? Was the confession beaten out of him by the local police? Is there really a justice system for the poor people, or can they be just implicated in any case at the wish of the police?
    It is also a chilling thing if in fact the boy is found to be the real murdered. This is even more horrific.


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