New Year brings New Hopes

New Year brings New Hopes


With the going year there is a lot of excitement for the upcoming New Year. I am very excited to wish my friends on 31st night. It is a night that I keep on waiting for in an entire year. I have competition with my friends as to who will first wish all the friends.

Last year 2017 had been a roller coastal ride for me. There were some bitter moments when I was confused in my life but it was like a fog I kept on walking with the support of people around me and the path also got cleared.

I graduated this year and it was the happiest moment for me but at the same time my college life also came to an end; this means no more going to college, no more lectures, no more college canteen, no more hanging around.

It gave me a new schedule. It was a beginning of a new chapter in life. It made me more responsible. I learnt many things last year and also got the support of my family and friends. I also came in contact with many people who have given direction to my new life.

Now as the New Year is about to arrive; I am eager to see what is there for me in this New Year (a new surprise). I don’t have any resolution because it will restrict me to limited things but have a  lot of hopes for the brighter career and a happy journey towards life spreading happiness to the people around me and will also try to stand up to their expectations.


Yours truly

Seema Kumari

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