Vegetable Strike in Gosai Tola: poking holes our pockets

Vegetable Strike in Gosai Tola: poking holes our pockets


With the increasing population the demand has increased.  Everyone is struggling for life; land has become one of the biggest problems in Patna. Local sellers are not getting required space and this has led to the problem of encroachment.

In the area neraby my house Gosai Tola, (local area in Patna Patliputra Colony) the vegetable sellers (Thela Wala’s or hawkers ) were selling their vegetable on the sides of the road. They were occupying a major area. Some of the regular shops of the area have also extended their shops and displayed their items on the road. The consumers parked their vehicles for buying things. With little space for moving, there was a chaos and regular traffic.

The government has not allotted them any particular area; they have no other option but to stand on the side of the roads.

The police of this area forced all the Thela walas to vacate the place to solve the problem chaos and traffic.

All the vegetable sellers have gone on strike from 16th January. Their livelihood is on a halt. The residents are also facing a lot of trouble because Gosai Tola was the main market for vegetables; it was near and cheap as compared to other market. Now people are forced to go to Rajapul or Rajiv Nagar and the price of vegetables is making a hole in the pockets of the consumers.

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It is small yet important to understand that all of us are responsible for the problem we are facing. The government should allot a Hatt (market area) for the Thela Wala’s and people using their vehicles should park their vehicles in a bit distance from the market whereas the Thela Wala’s should also be in a limit and use the area which is provided to them.


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