Cancer: I Can We Can

Cancer: I Can We Can

The word ‘Cancer’ blows the mind of any individual. It is a painful and terminal disease. People suffering from it go into depression and also lose hope of  life.  Some unlucky ones also  face the lack of family support. Instead of caring, people start neglecting the person.

In some areas,  people who are suffering from Cancer  are not allowed to touch or sit beside some people who believe that Cancer is contagious.

In India people still believe in these rumours as they lack the knowledge of Cancer.

According to National Cancer Registry Programme of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 3.9 million cancer cases were recorded in 2016.

Some of the major reasons of cancers are cigarettes, tobacco, unhealthy diet, use of alcohol, lack of physical activity, infection by hepatitis or through sexually transmitted HPV- infection.

Bihar has the highest number of people chewing tobacco products which causes cancer thus; the number is high in this state. It is important for the people to have Cancer Events in their area to cultivate a positive attitude among people.

So to tackle this; people celebrate World Cancer Day on 4th February. This day is used to spread awareness about Cancer among the people; it is necessary for the people to get every information regarding  Cancer  to get better protection from it. It is a day to send the message to the people that they should remain healthy by eating healthy food and water to prevent from the Cancer Disease.

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It is celebrated to encourage the people suffering with it for example ‘no hair selfie’ other people get bald and take selfies , events are organised and various post and images are also viral to mark it a day of celebration.

It is organised to make the people aware of the thing that they should treat the Cancer patient like any normal person. This year in 2018 the theme for the World Cancer Day is “I Can. We Can“.



Prepared by Seema Kumari

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