Freedom from all fears

Freedom from all fears


Women’s struggles or Women issues have always been in the headlines of the newspapers or in any media. Crime such as dowry, acid throwing, molestation, rape, harassment, honour killing, or gender discrimination  are always  topics for concern; It is good that people are talking about them.

Parents continue to teach their daughters some safety guidelines like a daughter should not be out of house till late night, what are the decent dresses, how a daughter should behave in front of other people etc.

A son is advised to take care about the safety of their sisters; they are stronger than their sisters and other a lot of things. I know these lines are said because they are worried about their daughters and want them to be safe.

But this has turned women or girls into victims. It has made them weak and dependent towards other male members in the society.

Women demand for various rights like right to equality, right to safety, right to education, right to speech etc. which are their own rights and have all right to enjoy them.

Today women need to be free from all fears. They must assert and enjoy their rights.


Yours truly

Seema Kumari

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