Ranchi schools to submit RTE Quota details

Ranchi schools to submit  RTE Quota details

Ranchi: Are private schools complying with the 25% quota for underprivileged children? Private schools in Ranchi district have to furnish detailed reports of admissions by March 5.

District superintendent of education (DSE) Shivendra Kumar said the purpose of seeking the data was to find out if all schools were following the  RTE guidelines and making room for underprivileged children who are supposed to form 25 per cent of the student strength.

“We began sending out notices on 28th February and 1st March,” the officials said.

Kumar maintained that they had received a total of 995 applications online for BPL students since they began inviting the same in December last year.

“In Ranchi, there are 62 private schools, where we have a quota of 906 seats. So, we have stopped taking further applications under the RTE Act. We want to know how many schools have complied with the 25 per cent quota rule before reopening online applications,” he said.

A source at the DSE office said they were stepping up the pressure on private schools to ensure compliance.

“Many schools claim they have exhausted their seat quota. Hence, we have sought every minute detail, like the name of the candidate, background, phone number, address, distance from school, admission confirmation receipt and so on, which can then be subjected to independent verification,” he stated.

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