Are we abusing our Elders?

Are we abusing our Elders?


As we all know that, gadgets (mobile, computer) are increasing day by day. People are using these gadgets without having a second thought (second thought means without knowing about the negative aspects of these gadgets) .Nowadays people are so busy or we can say badly engaged in these gadgets, that they don’t even have time to talk to their parents or elder one.

People are forgetting the importance of elder in their life. The over use of these gadgets are causing addiction and the addiction is turning into obsession.

Recently in a survey it has been found that people are disconnecting with their near and dear ones only because of the impact of technology and social media on their life. The report titled “Elder abuse in India 2018: Changing cultural ethos and impact of technology” reveals that 65 per cent of the survey respondents who were above 60 years of age agreed that their family members disconnected with them due to increased usage of mobile phones and computers.

According to the survey, nearly one-fourth of our elderly population, both men and women, face different forms of abuse. This year the son turned out to be the foremost perpetrator (offender) of elderly abuse followed by the daughter-in-law who was the primary abuser as per past surveys.

Showing disrespect emerged as the the primary abuser as per past surveys. Showing disrespect emerged as the most prominent form of abuse (56 per cent) followed by others such as verbal abuse, economic exploitation and beating and slapping as per local media.

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Devkali Devi, 70, a residence of Danapur retired from Agriculture department said ,when she had a job she use to think that, when she will be retired she will spend lots of time with her son and daughter-in-law. But after her retirement the situation was completely different .No communication at home, everyone, they were just busy on their cell phones chatting with their friends .She said, they not even ask her for food. If she had any health issues her neighbors helps her. ”I feel isolated at home, sometimes thoughts came in my mind that I should leave this house where nobody care about me” said Devkali.

Sanjeev Kumar, 65, of Danapur Cantonment said that ”because of these gadgets we are unable to communicate with our family members”. These gadgets came into existence to remove the communication gap but now these gadgets are one of the reasons behind this communication gap he said. His both sons and daughter-in-laws are working, the only time he gets to communicate or share something to them is at evening or at night but he is unable do so. They are busy working continuously on their cell phones or computer. Sometimes they scold or shout at him because of the frustration.

According to the Telegraph data Mangalore topped the list where the highest number of elderly abuse happens followed by Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Amritsar and Delhi.

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It is our responsibility and duty to take care of our parents and elders. We must take some, time out from our busy schedule to spend with our parents and elder. They need our love and care. We must not ignore them. There should be a limited use of gadgets because these gadgets are destroying the beautiful relationship.


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