Bihar Teenage girls Dare to Shine at village football

Bihar Teenage girls  Dare to Shine at village football

Hey fellas!

Most of you guys know that the FIFA world cup kicks off on June 14, and there are many soccer fans who know the names of all the star players on their fingers, and they can just rattle them off!

Okay, in your General Knowledge classes you may be asked the name of the soccer captain of India, and most of you will say, ‘Sunil Chhetri’! Right? But what about the Captain of the Indian Women’s Football team? Do you know her name? …. ah.. no?… thought so!

Did you know that all over India, and also in the ‘backward’ stare of Bihar, there are literally thousands of girls from small villages who are taking to football, and who want to aspire to become good players/ Why shouldn’t girls’ soccer be taken seriously? Why doesn’t the government promote girls’ soccer?

Well, it’s Halla Bol time… and Newsnet One, with some help from other organizations, will be speaking up with some of the girls who want to be given a chance.

NOW, Click on this link to see what we are talking about!

The slogan of the women’s FIFA World Cup, being held next year is ours as well: DARE to Shine!

So watch this space!


2 Responses to "Bihar Teenage girls Dare to Shine at village football"

  1. Sudha Prasad   June 21, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    The social ramifications of women playing football in public goes beyond the holding of a single event.
    We are talking about shaking up a patriarchal structure, and the path isn’t easy, given the current attitude of the government in power.

  2. Fr Dr T Nishaant SJ   June 15, 2018 at 4:33 am

    A bold initiative. Congratulations to the organizers and the sponsors.


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