College, freedom, friends, abuse …

College, freedom, friends, abuse …

Going to college is often the first time young adults are away from their home for a period time, to achieve their dreams. Students are keen to fit into peer groups, they always try to prove to themselves that they are not less than anyone. College students as a new bee, they always wanted to enjoy, the freedom which is given to them. No restrictions on them for anything because most of the students are living in a hostel or in a rented flat. They love to do night outs and hangout with their friends.

Sometimes this freedom can cause life-threatening problems. Students get addicted, they start taking drugs on the regular basis. There is a difference between drug use (taking medicines for curing sickness) and drug abuse (over-use medicines and other substances).

Addiction to anything whether it is for drugs or for love is dangerous. There should be a limit to everything. I am a student and I know how youngsters especially college going students are addicted to drugs. Addiction for drugs is common among students now a day.

As being a student we do not have enough money to spend here and there on everything. We got pocket money every month but is limited we cannot just waste it on such stupid thing called drugs but some do. Students who are addicted they use things which are easily available to them, like whitener, thinner, cough syrup or medicine and sometimes kerosene oil also. Alcohol and smoking are also common among the students.

Addiction to anything can never give you positive results.  The same is with the drugs it can never give you positive results it will only satisfy you and will harm your body.

Some students take drugs because they think that it will make them fit or they will look cool. You know the main problem with these college students is that they wanted to be cool like their friends and by keeping this perception in the mind they start taking drugs and after a period of time, they become addicted to drugs.

One of my classmates, he was very badly addicted to smoking, every five minutes he smokes one cigarette. He has started from one cigarette a day and end up taking one cigarette in every five minutes. He does not take time to burn a packet of cigarettes. After a period of time, he turns into a chain smoker. He was unaware of the results which were destroying his lungs. One day, he was unable to breathe and he was taken to the hospital. You will be surprised what doctor has said. He said that the condition of his lungs was causing breathing problem, he is in danger and this is because of smoking.

Friend, drugs are very dangerous for everyone. I know everyone wants to look cool but there are many other things which can make you cool.

You have just one life don’t waste it just like that. Your life, it precious and it really means to somebody especially for your parents.


Sunisha Patel

BMC 5th Sem (St. Xavier’s college of mgmt. &Tech.)

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