Kaimur Cops changed ‘Gang rape’ to ‘eve-teasing’

Kaimur Cops changed ‘Gang rape’ to  ‘eve-teasing’

Patna: The video clip of a Dalit girl, who was gang-raped, on May 27th around 8:30pm, went “viral” on social media for the past two days. This has forced the girl to come out in the open on Monday and expose the Kaimur police for how they have tried to ignore the crime.

The 19 years old was returning from a religious ceremony in a nearby village with her eight year old brother when she was gang raped by six men. They held her brother captive, at an isolated spot under Bhagwanpur police station in Kaimur district, around 209km south-east of Patna.

“As my parents were not at home, I waited for them to return and then went with them to the police station on May 30,” she said. “I am illiterate so could not write the application for FIR. One police official wrote it for me, but made it a case of eve-teasing while I was gang-raped.” She added.

On June 3rd, Arun Kumar one of the accused from village Paitaria was arrested. The family members of the accused men have threaten the girl to withdraw the case.

“One of the persons in the group recorded the (rape) video and showed it to people in my village, destroying my reputation,” the girl said. “The parents of the accused are asking me to withdraw the case and are threatening me with dire consequences. They have also offered Rs 3 lakh to me. But I want justice. I want the criminals who destroyed me, to be hanged,” she stated; as per the local news.

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The girl said that she and her family members had gone to the police station several times for the arrest of the rest of the accused, but they are not taking any concrete action. The girl has even met Kaimur superintendent of police Md. Faroguddin.

The authority at the state police headquarters (HQ) in Patna has come into action after the gang-rape video got viral on social networking sites. The police HQ directed the district police to arrest all the accused.
Additional director-general of police (headquarters) S.K. Singhal said: “The six persons involved in the incident have been identified and raids are being conducted to arrest them.”

Kaimur SP Faroguddin said, the accused have escaped. They are not using mobile phones hence we are unable to trace them. It’s not that we are sitting idle. One person has already been arrested and others will also be in jail soon.


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