Horror stories from Shillong; Jaintia Hills …

SHILLONG: Ghastly crimes of passion occur everywhere, but the number one horror story doing the rounds in the past week have come from the capital of Meghalaya.

A couple had separated, after which the woman gave birth to a boy. Three weeks later, the man broke into the house, assaulted the woman, and then killed the infant.

The Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) has come down heavily on the murder of an innocent newborn while demanding strong action against the accused murderer.

“The CSWO is shocked beyond any reasoning and vehemently condemns the murder of a 3 weeks old baby boy, in Mission Compound, Shillong, Meghalaya, wherein the ex-husband (Clarence Jason Rajee) of the mother of the child is alleged to have killed the baby,” CSWO president, Agnes Kharshiing said on Wednesday.

According to the relatives of the baby, Clarence had managed to climb up to the terrace of her mother’s house and came down to his ex-wife’s room between 1 am – 1 30 am (on the 19th of June) and attacked her, leaving her bleeding and weak as she had an operation when the child was delivered.
“He carried the child upstairs to the terrace and supposedly even broke the limbs (according to a relative who saw the body) of the child before dumping the little body in a bucket of water on the top of the terrace of her mother’s house,” Kharshiing said.
With Rajee being arrested later in the day, the CSWO has demanded that the case and charge sheet is expedited and that he is tried without any delay.
“No bail should also be granted to the person as there is fear from the relatives of the deceased as he has cautioned that he will harm other members of the family and has put the other little siblings in fear,” Kharshiing asserted.
While conveying its sincere condolences to the bereaved family, the CSWO has urged the different authorities, including the Criminal Justice System of the State to ensure that speedy justice is provided to the family of the murdered little baby.

19-year-old murders his ex-wife’s 9-year-old brother

A 19-year-old resident of Wahiajer in West Jaintia Hills (WJH) district stands accused of murdering his 9 – year old brother in law after the minor’s body was recovered from a village in Karbi Anglong district where the youth had apparently committed the heinous act, according to a Meghalaya Times report

According to police, Shiningstar Pala (19), a resident of Wahiajer, had committed the murder over a personal issue with his ex-wife, who is the sister of the victim.

Shingingstar had abducted the minor with the help of Pynchemi Phawa (26), a driver of a tourist cab (ML 04C 4532) from his residence at Umjalasiaw village on June 26.
The  Saitsama police outpost was informed the next day, which led to the arrest of  the two accused persons.
Superintendent of Police (SP) of WJH district, Vivek Syiem said that Shiningstar had later led police to Laher village in West Karbi Anglong where they had dumped the mortal remains of the child.
“The murder weapon by way of a knife and another car used by the accused persons have been seized,” Syiem said while adding that Shiningstar, the main accused in the crime has several criminal cases against him.
A case vide Nartiang PS Case No. 25(6)2018 U/S 364/302/34 IPC is being registered and investigation will be taken up vigorously to take it to its logical conclusion, the SP said.

Such are the times when passion and hate and unreason drives people mad with hate!