Human trafficking and us

Human trafficking and us

Human trafficking is one of the major problems in India. It is the third largest crime after drugs and the arms trade across the globe. People from different states are illegally trafficked. According to NCRB report Bihar is on the 5th position, Kerala is on 3rd position, 2nd Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh is on 1st for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation and forced bonded labour.
According to the statistics of the Ministry of Women and Child Development 19,223 women and children were trafficked in 2016 whereas 15,448 were trafficked in 2015, with the highest number of victims being recorded in the eastern states.
Illegal sex trade accounts for almost 80% of trafficking. Women and girls are the major victims of human trafficking in India. They are forced into prostitution, forced marriage, labour and domestic work.

The trafficked girls and boy at a police station in Delhi. They were abducted from Jharkhand last year  (UCA News pic)

In 2015, there were 332 cases of child trafficking were registered in Bihar, the third highest in the country. Bihar had an alarming rise in human trafficking cases.
Even in Patna, we can see small children, girls, boys are working in houses or working in different shops etc. These people are brought from mainly Jharkhand and West Bengal in the name of proper education and housework but they are treated as slaves and work as labour. Children from villages, and do not have a good economic condition. They are moved to big cities in the name of work but they are sold as bonded factory workers or doing street begging trade. If we talk of the case of Patna junction, it is said that there are many agents of this trade waiting to kidnap a child.

Women and children from small villages belonging to the poor or BPL strata are generally lured with a better lifestyle and employment are sold by the agents.

One of the main reasons of human trafficking is men for work generally migrates to major commercial cities and from here the demand for commercial sex is created to fulfil the supply all sorts of efforts are made by the suppliers like abduction etc. Social inequality, regional gender preference, imbalance and corruption are the other leading causes of human trafficking in India.
Victims of human trafficking have great chances of suffering from issues like mental disorder, depression and anxiety. Women forced into sex trafficking are at higher risk of getting affected by  HIV. The human trafficking is considered as a complex problem in our society many social of activist and NGO along with government are especially educating and training the people.
The government also must implement trafficking associated criminality in the country these needs to have an urgent measure to reduce of trafficking in India.
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