Save Constitution Rally at Gandhi Maidan

Save Constitution Rally at Gandhi Maidan

Patna : A Constitutional rally for Samvidhan Bachaao, Desh Bachaao{save constitution, save nation} was organized at Gandhi Maidan, today (June 24). It was started at 11 in the morning. It was organized by the ” Vanchit Varga Morcha”. The rally was inaugurated by “Mr.Prakash Yashwant Rao Ambedkar ,Ex-member of parliament and grandson of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. Mr Uday Narain Choudhary, Ex-speaker of Bihar Vidhan Sabha was the chairperson of this rally. Mohammad Khalilur Rehman Sajjaad Nomani, secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Muslim Personal Law Board was the chief guest of the rally. Justice Sohail Aahmed Siddique , professor Ratan Lal  ,and Shri  Vinay Ratan Singh were the special guests of the rally.

The rally was organized to save the Constitution and for the rights of Dalits .Mr. Uday Narain Choudhary has taken the initiative. Through his motivational speech, he has started the rally.

The rally was disturbed for few minutes because of the rain . The huge crowd of approximately 1500 people who were the part of this rally, they all were drenched  but the crowd cooperated. Audience were sitting at their respective places in spite of  of rain . This incidence has shown the dedication of audience for this rally.

Singers ,Nand Kishore and Hari Om Akela from Gaya entertained and motivated the audience  at the same time with their songs. Songs were informative it  was giving the information related to the Constitution and Dalits, like how can we save our Constitution and raise our Voice for our rights. Welcome song and dance was performed by the Santhali dancers from Jamui.

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Shankar Choudhary from Gaya organizer of this rally and member of Vanchit Varg Moarcha .He said that in our society government is destroying the main motive of our Constitution and playing with rights of Dalit . “To save our rights and importance in this society, we have organized this rally “stated Mr.choudhary .He said that people from all over  Bihar had come  to attend this rally. This rally is only the start, we will organize this type of rally in all over the Bihar and India, he added. Only the citizens can save our Constitution through their efforts and dedication ,if they are well informed ,  he said. Through this rally they want to give a message to the public that, all Dalit should come together and give answer to them who are playing with our Constitution he said.

Uday narayan Chaudhary, Yashwant Ambedkar and others on the dais

Mukh Dev Kumar from Gaya , participant of this rally said because of the BJP government our Constitution is in danger. ‘Four judges of the supreme court have also said that our Constitution is in danger stated Mr. Kumar. Through this rally we want to inform citizens that how our Constitution is suffering.’ He said that present government has tampered with the SC ST Act which was the power for Dalit and somehow this is harming our Constitution.

Aashish Kumar from Patna , a student of Patna college , another participant of this rally . He said that he is here to make this constitutional rally successful. RSS is like sweet poison for our Constitution he stated. Reservation and Scholarship for dalits are not provided in the appropriate manner , which is somehow playing with the future of the students that’s why this constitutional rally is important, added Aashish

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Prabhat Ranjan Paswan ,RJD Secretary of Zila Santhan ,Gaya , a student of Gaya college and member of Vanchit Varg Moarcha. He said that government should give reservation to Dalit as per requirement . By showing our power through social media and other media we will try to save our Constitution he said. Modi’s government cannot make us fool through their sweet word, they should be removed from the centre he stated. People from almost every district of Bihar are present here in this Constitutional rally, he added.

Brotherhood can take our country to next level but if we fight among ourselves, it will only destroy our nation, he said. They will organize this type of rally in all over India, he said.


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