‘Save Reservations , Save Country’ rally at Patna

‘Save Reservations , Save Country’ rally at Patna

Patna: Reservations appeared to be the main focus of ‘Save Constitution, Save Country Rally’, held today (June 24) at the historic Gandhi Maidan at Patna. Hundreds of people from different regions of Bihar — men, women, and college students – gathered despite the heavy rain. the crowd was full of energy and kept shouting the slogan ‘JAI BHEEM’.

Ambedkar being welcomed at the rally. Photo: Ujjwal

The rally was inaugurated by Prakash Yashwant Rao Ambedkar , the grandson of the late Dr BR Ambedkar, the ‘drafter’ of the Indian Constitution. The chief guest was Md. Khalil ur Rehman, Secretary Akhil Bharatiya Muslim law Board. Prominent persons such as Former speaker Uday Narayan Choudhary, Dr Ratan Lal of Delhi University and others attended. The rally was organized by Vanchit Varg Morcha which is lead by the former Bihar Assembly Speaker Uday Narayan Chaudhary.
The rally focused on the issues and problems faced by SC/ST category people and highlighted rights and social justice issues. The point was to save the legacy of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. They expressed a fear that the ruling party BJP and the RSS want to tamper with the constitution. They said that the Dalits and scheduled castes should fight against the government, which who wants to water down the reservation and SC ST policy.
Dharmendra Kumar Rajak, a member of the organizing team said, “ We are fighting for the rights of our brothers and sisters. Today our constitution is in danger. Our Country is based only on the Constitution. We have to wake up and take the responsibility to save the nation. The nation will work only on the basis of our Indian constitution. We will fight till our death to defend the ideals of the Constitution.
Professor Ratan Lal said that the fight is an ideological one. The ideology of Ambedkar, which grants equality and brotherhood to all, versus the philosophy of Manu Smriti, which divides and discriminates against people on the basis of caste and birth. He alleged that the government was promoting ‘Brahmanwad’ or Brahmanical perspective. He said that during the past three years, the BJP led government has begun dismantling the reservation policy. This government did not want that the Dalits and backward people be educated. Lal also demanded job reservation in private sector for Dalits. Referring to the upcoming elections in 2019, he appealed to the audience to join together, to bring in a new era of SC ST by voting in a new government. This government does not believe in constitution and thoughts of Ambedkar, he said.
Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh leader and grandson of Br Ambedkar Prakash Rao said government policy on the reservation is not clear. This is anti-Dalit, anti- Ambedkar and anti-reservation government. It is a conspiracy of BJP and RSS to create the discrimination between people.
The rally also put forth some demands from the government, such as SC/ST students should be provided scholarships instead of credit card. Farmers’ loans should be waived. Reservation should be in all sectors up to 70% Reservation for Scheduled Tribes in Bihar should be increased to 10%.


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