Is Higher Education a money making racket?

Is Higher Education a money making racket?

Patna: The standards of premier educational institutions in India are falling, admitted Prof Satish Deshpande, head of Sociology at Delhi University. Prof. Deshpande was speaking at the first Vinay Kanth Memorial lecture organized by the East and West Educational Society at Nirtya Kala Mandir, last week.

The program was started by Daisy Narayan welcoming the entire guest and the audiences.

The topic of lecture was “Aakhir Vishvidalay kyu” (why only Universities) Today all the universities are facing problems. The condition of the universities are not up to the mark, and  higher education in the country is going through a  bad phase.

Talking about connection between society and higher education system in India during the British Raj,  he said  that the benefit of modern education was easily accessible to the twice born castes. They were able to have a secular  education and aspire for  higher degrees. At at that time, the caste influence and clashes were  invisible. The students thought that caste was not important.

Now today the agenda of higher education seems to be business or industry. The purpose of getting higher education changed to formality of job hunting, and placement. It is not about becoming a good citizen or a good human being. So, there are examples of decline of India’s  top universities like Allahabad, Baroda, Musoorie, Patna and Delhi University.

Talking to Satish Deshpande I asked him whether sstudents opt for private universities because government univesities do not have quality. Even though the private universities  charge lot of money the student do not trust government universities. Was this the cause for the education sector becoming a money making industry?

He agreed, but said that institutions like IIT, IIM, AIIMS are reputed institution. But it is a   fact the government education bodies have failed to provide good education. Today universities are selling degrees in the name of education, so the private universities are taking the admission charging the money and they are also selling the degrees. Somehow it became a money making industry . ‘We are fighting this and I hope we can bring changes,” he said..

What was the reason about the downfall of Patna University and other several universities in Patna? The State government interference, also government bodies were not involved in improving the system, although politics was heavy on the education system.

Professor and teachers from different colleges and schools, and  were  IPTA members are also present.




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