Kindergarten students locked in the School Basement for Fees

Kindergarten students locked in the School Basement for Fees

In an interesting case from Delhi, parents of some kindergarten children have lodged FIR against a school stating that their children were locked up in the basement because they failed to pay the fee on time.

The FIR was lodged under the section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act (JJ Act), punishment for cruelty to children, that includes punishment for abandoning and neglecting children. However the Principal of the school refused that no such incident has taken place. she said “Basement is where the children play, there were two teachers watching them, they sit on the ground to play and the fan had gone for repair that day. The allegations are wrong”.

But parents stated that the children were thirsty, hungry and were crying inside the basement but no one listened to them. Most parents have claimed that they had already paid the fee which surprisingly, the management says, isn’t reflecting in the school’s database. One of the parents said “I have already paid the fee and I also showed the principal the receipt but despite that they punished my child”.

The police said that they are investigating the matter and no arrest have been done yet.

In Bihar there are many schools and people who do not know about such laws like section 75 of JJ Act. Initially this act was made for parents and person legally in-charge of children but in its stretch schools also come along. As schools and teachers are in-charge of children during the school hours so they also face the consequences of this act.


Prepared with media reports by Priyanka

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