Patna peddlers: living in the Monsoons

Patna peddlers: living in the Monsoons

Monsoon is the season which gives us a sigh of relief from the scorching summer heat. But after some time it becomes a problem for everyone. It disrupts our daily schedule and causes inconvenience at times, broken roads, water logging and the drainage system of some localities suffer. The poor and the hawkers have a hard time to earn their living.

Rainy season is a kind of hindrance for them because they cannot earn enough to satisfy their family needs. There are some days when they have no earnings.

Chandan, Digha footpath

Chandan, 36 years old, sits near the footpath of Digha and sells clothes. He works for nine hours every day. He says that because of Monsoon he is going into loss. When suddenly rain showers, his most of the clothes get wet and it takes time to cover all the clothes. He uses a huge sheet of plastic to protect his clothes from the rain. Clothes which got wet in the rain, losses their quality and durability and no one likes to buy them, they became tough to sell, he stated. Sometimes he dries the less wet clothes and sells in the market but fully drenched clothes become useless to him.


He uses those clothes for his children. He said that in Monsoon he earns less as compared to the other days. His daily income during Monsoon is approximately Rs. 700 to Rs. 800. In summer he earns around Rs.2000 to Rs. 3000 a day. “I love monsoon because it is good for agriculture but I hate it at the same time as it is bad for my trade, it creates hurdles in my livelihood,” he added.

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Urmila Devi, Rajapul footpath

Urmila Devi, another peddler, sits near the footpath of Raja pool. She works for four hours daily starting from four in the evening. She chooses this timing because evening is the time when most people come shopping. She has a stall which is a table of beauty products like hair-clutchers, hair bands, clips etc. She also uses huge sheets of plastic to cover her table (shop) like Chandan. A single drop of rain can destroy these products, she said. No one is going to buy damaged products, she added. On some monsoon days, she doesn’t even earn a single paisa.

There are many more who suffer in the same way.

It becomes very difficult for these dwellers in the city to earn their livelihood during the season which is often considered as queen of all seasons but this queen never showers her blessings on these people. These peoples are the real fighters against nature, they shoulder heavy burdens and never give up on life.



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