Poor drainage, garbage overload and waterlogged Patna

Poor drainage, garbage overload and waterlogged Patna


As the rainy season has arrived, the state capital of Bihar has been facing the problem of water logging after just few days of heavy rain. There seems to be no end to this situation.

Patna waterlogging situation is the result of the poor drainage system, low lying areas and the improper garbage disposal. Waterlogging can be seen in most parts of the city. Encroachment beside drains and the inadequate drainage system add to the city’s woes. Throwing of garbage on the roadside, construction of huge buildings, apartments with poor drainage system have been affecting the city.

A few hours of rain causes water logging in Digha, Mithapur, Danpur, Patna Junction, Ashok Rajpath, Bakerganj and in Kankarbagh. The mud and roadside garbage have made the condition worse for everyone. The situation of Kankarbagh area is awful.  Transport system gets interrupted. The newly constructed roads are higher than the level of the houses and the apartments at the side of the roads. The water flows from the roads to the big apartments. It creates hindrance in the lifestyle of local people and their work.

Waterlogging not only creates transport interruption but it also leads towards several hygiene problems and generates some of the diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea etc.

The government is unable to solve this problem for years. The Patna municipal corporation has become blind to it and with zero governance. In some of the areas of drains and sewage are not cleaned and roadside garbage stinks during the season.

So, the Patna municipal corporation and the citizens need to reinforce the concept for removal of garbage, cleaning of drains and the water harvesting technology should be applied so that the city could overcome from the situation.



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Nihal Kumar Dutta

BMC 5th [St. Xavier’s College of Mgmt. & Tech.]

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