This Lynch-culture must be stopped

This Lynch-culture must be stopped


The practice of lynching in our society and country is increasing day by day. There is a need to control this type of activity because this is destroying the peace and harmony of the nation. It is creating instability in the society and harming the brotherhood.

Recently, in the Dhule district of Maharashtra, a drive is launched by the police to sensitize the locals regarding rumour mongering.

Police of this area have persuaded some people who are working as ‘kotwals'(village criers who make public announcements), to spread the message that rumours of any kind should not be believed.

Pamphlets are also being distributed among the residents of over 1,800 villages to educate them. Besides, local newspapers and news channels have been approached to spread the message, sources PTI.

Five nomadic tribals were lynched by a mob in Rainpada village, about 100 kms from the Dhule district headquarters; this incident has taken against the backdrop of rumours on social media that a gang of child-lifters was active in the area.

The video of the victims has been viral, were we can see how they have beaten these tribals ,with sticks and chappals and stoned, after one of them apparently tried to speak to a six-year-old girl.

“We are reaching out to the villagers through our contacts to counter the menace of fake news being spread through the social media,” said Superintendent of Police M Ramkumar.

The police personnel are contacting local leaders, like sarpanch heads and panchayat members, through whom the villagers could be sensitized regarding fake news and rumours spread over the social media.

Message to the villagers is to “don’t share anything which is not verified, delete it and in case of a suspicious message which may cause disharmony, immediately contact the police,” he elaborated.

This is not the story of only one place or district it is about the whole nation because this working as a poison and dismantling our nation. In Aurangabad district of Bihar an army man was lynched by mob because villagers thought that he is a thief. They have killed him almost; he was admitted in the hospital afterwards.

There is a need to organize campaigns or drive to make people aware about this type of activity. This is burning issue and there is a need to take quick and immediate action by government to improve the situation.



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