Women’s safety in India: A crumbling illusion

Women’s safety in India: A crumbling illusion


Women in India a better half of Indian society; today they are becoming the most vulnerable section as far as their security is concerned. Reporting cases of sexual assault, molestation, rape, acid attack, violence against women in remote area etc are increasing day by day. What does this indicates? This certainly implies that there has been an increasing trend of such sexual overdrive in present generation.

Streets, public transports and public spaces in particular have become the territory of the hunters. In a study by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, India has been named the world’s most dangerous country for women.

Women are getting affected by violence’s almost every day which is disrupting the society. According to Report Bureau of Central Home Ministry woman is getting kidnapped at every 44 minutes, Raped at every 47 minutes, 17 dowry deaths every day.

The report released by Ministry of women and child Development labeled Bihar, most vulnerable for girls. Bihar’s GVI (Gender Vulnerability Index) is 0.410, poorest among all the states.

Late night working women in Patna are worried about their safe returning. The pink buses, which were launched three years back for the safety of women, were withdrawn within six month due to some financial crisis.

According to the reports large number of molestation and sexual assault cases happens at night. Due to this travelling late night for the female passengers, has become a matter of concern.  Even the conversation among people on the streets often steers towards the escalated and horrendous attack on women.

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Piya (name changed) a resident of Khagaul said at the age of 16, I was sexually assaulted. During my stay in the village Arwal, I was just walking down the road of my village and my uncle  came on bike hit my chest and took me at a isolated place and started touching my private parts. I ran back home crying and told my father and mother about it.  But  action was not taken against him because of family pride and honor.  After that my parents left the village and moved to Patna for my safety and better life.

Another girl Meena Kumari a theater artist of Patna says in our day to day life we come across some common comments

  • “Catcalls, sexually explicit comments and sexist remarks are made on us.
  • “Eve – teasing while walking on the streets. People leer at us and pass cheap comments.

Women safety is a big social issue which needs to be resolved urgently by the effort of all.  It need to be implemented to form a better society that respects and understands women, so that women could walk around freely, without the fear of being attacked at any time, anywhere.

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