Hand-loom products: never out of fashion

Hand-loom products: never out of fashion


Handlooms [things which are made by hand] are now in trend once again with a bang. There was a time when the hand made products were at big in demand but the introduction of the technology has affected them somehow. Power looms are one of the reasons why handlooms lost its significance.

As we know, no trend stays longer than a season but some or the other way we get emotionally attached to that trend. Hand-loom products provide comfort, add uniqueness to the bored outfits and give a different lifestyle. The touch and feel of hand-loom can never be replaced by a power loom fabric.

Earlier people use to wear hand-loom products like khaadi and chickenkari but gradually it vanished. Today it is back again adding colour to the colourless life. The middle or old age people mostly prefer hand-loom product because of the comfort-ability but the scenario is changing now even youngster are preferring hand-loom products.

National Handloom Day is observed with the objective to generate awareness about importance of India’s handloom. It was inaugurated on 7 August 2015; this day is chosen because Swadeshi Movement was launched on this day in 1905. Swadeshi Movement was proclaimed to boycott British Products and revive domestic products and production process.

Handmade products help us to maintain our culture and tradition and promote them in other countries. The reasons behind the vanishing of these hand made products are time taking and quantity. Handloom products take time in production and they are unable to produce large amount of products in small period of time. But the outcome of handloom is satisfying because it gives us quality and beautiful products. Mainly tote bags, shawls,saris,kurti ,stoles ,jackets are in demand.

Kishore lal, a shopkeeper of clothes shop in Danapur, says that he keeps both kind of dresses handloom and power loom. Everyone has different taste and we don’t know who will prefer which kind that’s why we keep both, he said. But now a day’s people are asking for handloom products so we are thinking to bring more handloom products, he added.

Another shopkeeper, shayam Gupta of Digha says that, he only keep handloom products .He has this shop since six years. He said “there was a time when he has gone into loss but now he is earning well. People do not buy these products because they are expensive but the beauty of the product grabs their attention”.

Handloom sector contributes, nearly 15%of the cloth production in the country and also contributes to the country’s export earnings. 95%of the world’s hand woven fabric comes from India.

Hand-loom sector must be promoted at a large level because these sectors are providing employment .Handloom products involves a long process that’s why they need large amount of people at every stage to produce the finest product.

It helps the community that breathes life in every weave.


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